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High-Strength Accelerator Admixture & mortar.

alpha ACE is low dosage, after using it, Cement concrete set and harden firstly, Initial and final setting intervals short. This product can well suit cements.

alpha ACE provides the following benefits to fresh and hardened concrete.
1. The hardening concrete has good Compactness and good permeability; it also can make up high-strength shot Crete.
2. Spray rate of shortcut can reach 90% compared with reference concrete sample which have not added liquid accelerator and full vibration.
3. According the difference of cement variety, dosage and water cement ratio, it can adjust coagulation promoting effect and development of physical properties of concrete by change the dosage of alpha-ACE.
4. It have no dust and reduce the rebound amount in the during the injection process, so that protect the health of builder and reduce the waste of materials.
5. it can greatly reduce the damage caused by the introduction of basic substances to concrete, at the meanwhile, it strictly limit the content of cl-, so that can reduce the rust to steel .

alpha ACE is suitable for any concrete structure, which requires water tightness, such as:
1. Underground engineering: Mine roadway, traffic tunnels, hydraulic tunnels, subways and injection of support shortcut of various usages caverns (underground stations, warehouses, etc.).
2. Rock engineering: Dado of Slope, foundation, reservoirs, embankments channels, pools and other Projects.
3. Repair and reinforcement projects: The Reinforcement of bridges, dikes, dams, docks, cooling towers, chimneys and housing construction, as well as repair chemical corrosion to the lake, fire, earthquake, blasting impact overloading or poor construction of the building structure;
4. Protection Engineering: Fireproof coating of all kinds structures, as well as waterproof plugging.
5. 4. It cannot mix with other accelerator admixture of shortcut when using. If it has to use other accelerator admixture, please clean the whole equipment with water. The product is weak acid and a Slight corrosion, should avoid contact with the skin for a long time, if it splashes on the skin, please wash the skin with water immediately.

Color : Light Yellows
From : Liquid
Specific Gravity : 1.4 +- .1 at 25
Chloride Content : 0.05 %
Initial Set time : 8 min
Final Set time : 16 min
1d Compressive strength : 6 Mpa
28 d Compressive strength : 70 Mpa

Standard Compliance
alpha ACE conforms to ASTM C-494, Type ‘E’. It can meet requirements and indicators of JC477-2005.

alpha ACE is ready to-use liquid which is dispensed into the concrete together with the mixing water. The plasticizing effect & water reduction are higher if the admixture is added to damp concrete after 50 to 70% of the mixing water has been added. The addition of alpha ACE to dry aggregate or cement is not recommended.

Desired dosage of alpha ACE should be Determined with trial mixes. As a guide a dosage ranges of 200 ml to 400 ml per 50 kg of cement.

alpha ACE can be kept for 12 months from date of manufacture if stored in well protected area away from sunlight, at ambient temperature in dry conditions

alpha ACE is supplied 5, 10, 20 Kg containers & 250 Kg drum or bulk delivery.


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